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Mortgage Planning Services

Is managing your mortgage like retirement investments are managed a service?
We think so.

Do you view your mortgage as a loan or financial instrument? For most people their mortgage represents their largest and most important debt obligation while their home represents their most significant and largest asset. Yet, most consumers lack a plan to manage their mortgage. This isn’t the fault of the consumer. Quite simply, the tools and training necessary to provide complete analysis have been absent from the mortgage industry, until now.

Our team is one of a rare group of mortgage planners in the nation who has invested in the technology, tools, and training necessary to deliver a comprehensive mortgage plan. A mortgage plan allows you to consider several mortgage options and determine the strategy that best helps you to accomplish your goals.
A mortgage plan will have a powerful impact on your overall financial plan. Consumers who secure the services of a qualified mortgage planning professional are uniquely empowered to make solid decisions. Whether it be optimizing equity or debt, aligning the mortgage with financial goals, adjusting for life events, or saving money through identifying the lowest cost transaction, a mortgage plan clarifies your options and illuminates quality decisions.

Mortgage Plan Benefits

  • Understand how to identify the lowest cost option.
  • Accelerate your goals by determining your “Freedom Point”
  • Integrate your mortgage into your overall financial plan
  • Optimize your equity and debt configuration
  • FIND OUT if your a MOVE UP BUYER CANDIDATE-CALL TODAY! 1.855.940.HOME (4663)

Total Cost Analysis (TCA)

The TCA performs the industry’s most powerful side-by-side analysis of the net cost of a loan over time. More importantly, it highlights two specific areas of the total loan cost. First, it measures the financial impact the homeowner would feel if he or she were to invest the savings of a given loan into an asset-accumulation account. Second, it demonstrates the power of repaying the loan and the savings.

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